All started pullet pricing is based on breed and age.

We put alot of effort into keeping this list up to date and correct. The format of of this page has changes a little due to the face that we have decided we will be moving to a new home. Prices and availability will be updated weekly. The date shown below is the hatch date for that particulat group. If you have any questions please give us a call. (979)665-6524


HATCH DATE:6/2/2020


Black Australorp (sold out)

Rhode Island Red

(One Rhode Island Red Rooster available)


Barred Rock (sold out)

The Fancy Girls

White Crested Black Polish

White Crested Blue Polish (sold out) 

Buff Polish (sold out)

Golden Polish (sold out)

HATCH DATE: 6/9/2020


Cuckoo Marans

Speckled Sussex

Buff Orpingtons (sold out)

Salmon Favorelle (sold out)

Starlight Green Egger (sold out)

Buff Brahma (sold out)


Black Jersey Giant

White Jersey Giant (sold out)

HATCH DATE: 6/23/2020


ISA Brown

Light Brahma




Whiting True Blue

Sapphire Olive Egger

HATCH DATE: 5/20/20


French Cuckoo Marans Rooster


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