The ladies that put in the work

What makes Major's Farm TX's raw dairy products special is that they come from healthy cows who graze on green pasture 365 days a year. Pasture is their primary source of nutrition. When our cows are not milking, grass is the only commodity they enjoy; however, when our cows are milking, we provide them with a few extra sources of nutrition. As any new mother knows, when you are nursing your baby you need extra calories; the same principle applies for our milking cows. To produce enough milk, it’s important that they are as nourished as possible.
The supplemental feed we give our cows is specialized for pastured dairy cows.  Grass alone will not provide enough nutrition to meet their needs year round. They also get a good portion of Alfalfa twice a day.
Our cows do a lot of walking as they graze on the pasture and walk to the dairy barn twice a day.  This increases their protein demand to keep their body condition strong. We also want to make sure they have a balanced diet of carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals to keep them healthy because healthy cows make healthy raw milk. Our cows enjoy unlimited pasture grass every day, supplemental hay depending on the season, lots of clean water, and loads of sunshine.

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Rose is one of our oldest registered Jersey show cows. She was born in 2014 and is the daughter of one of our very first Jersey cows we owned. A1/A2



Nautilus was born in 2015. We purchased her as a registered calf from a farm in Virginia. A2/A2



Samantha is the oldest of our registered Brown Swiss Cows. She was born in 2017. We purchased her mom from a farm up north in Ohio. A2/A2



Teia is one or our registered Jersey heifers, and is the handful of the bunch. She was the first bottle calf that Rafael raised himself in 2020 and they became fast friends. She still wants to run, play and get her rubs when we are out working with her but now she is a little (a lot) bigger, so it gets interesting at times. A1/A2



Fresca is one of our newer additions. She is a registered Jersey heifer born in 2020. We purchased her as a show heifer at the North American International Livestock Exposition in Kentucky in 2021. A1/A1

teia and dot.JPG


Dot is our one and only Holstein. She is not one of our registered show girls but she is as sweet as can be. Rafael wanted to add a Holstein to the herd so we purchased Dot in 2020 from a good friend at Faunce’s Dairy in Louisiana. A1/A2



Dolly is a registered Jersey heifer. She was born in 2020 and is Nautilus’s oldest daughter that we have on the farm. A2/A2



Brittany is one of our registered Brown Swiss heifers. She is Samantha’s daughter from 2021. A2/A2



Margarita is a registered Jersey heifer and another one of Nautilus’s daughters. She was born in 2021. A1/A2



Is a Brown Swiss/Jersey cross heifer born in 2021. A2/A2



Is a Brown Swiss/Jersey cross heifer born in 2021. A1/A2



Taffy is one of our newer ladies. She came from Oak Hill Dairy Farm in Kentwood, Louisiana. She is a registered Jersey and you can spot her pretty easily in the pasture because she’s the blonde of the bunch! 



Cocoa is another new addition that we purchased from Oak Hill Dairy Farm in Kentwood, Louisiana. She is a Jersey/Holstein cross that puts in the work for sure! Her production is top notch for sure and you would never guess from looking at this girls cream line she had a drop of Holstein in her! 



Pat is the third and final girl who made her way over to Texas from Oak Hill Dairy Farm in Louisiana. You haven’t seen her name grace our milk bottles yet because she is dried up at the moment but due to calf in about a month. She’s going to have the first calf born on the farm since we have officially been permitted for raw milk dairy sales. A2/A2



Y’all meet Cletus. This rambunctious fella here came from a registered Jersey bull breeder in Foxworth, Mississippi. We are still getting a feel for each other. He’s young so he’s trying to mark his territory in the herd.